Our Team


Who are we?

Le cinquième rêve is a production company founded in 2008. Its vocation is to produce quality films highlighting the extraordinary human achievements, and which question the place of man in this world through history. We have the ambition to develop all subjects that can help us understand mankind. Our high-quality documentaries have been broadcast in prime time on worldwide TV channels, and have won 67 international prizes in international festivals so far, and an Emmy Awards nomination in 2019. Le cinquième rêve has been selected in the Realscreen Global 100 in 2020, and in the Realscreen Global 200 in 2023.

Nicolas Zunino


Nicolas Cennac


Aurélien Gonnet

Post-Production coordinator

Thierry Robert


Christophe Silvestre

2D/3D Graphist

Rachida Macron

Financial Analyst and Administrator

Arnaud Tortel

Author and polar explorer

Elena Pent

Production manager

Garance Hautecoeur

Production Assistant

Our philosophy

Our wish is to put the spotlight on the men and women who live their dreams. As privileged witnesses and storytellers of these extraordinary lives, our aim is to help our spectators feel part of these fascinating, memorable experiences by helping them resonate in their own lives.

Enter the legendary Fifth Dream…

Source book: The Fifth Dream by Patrice Van Eersel.